How to use cases

Plug’n’play or bespoke assessment models

Cross-reference models and standards

Perform joint, multi-model assessments

Use cross-references to generate a consolidated view for the assessor

Using a cross-reference between an assessment model (here: ASPICE) and a standard (here: ISO26262), Trace presents a consolidated view of both assessment indicators and requirements from the standard for the assessor. The assessor can easily link strengths and weaknesses to the requirements.

Create dedicated FuSa assessment models and assess ASPICE and ISO 26262


Create a dedicated FuSa assessment model matching requirements of the ISO26262

Transform the standard into an assessment model making sure that the requirements from the standard are covered.

Create a cross-reference between ASPICE practices and questions in the FuSa assessment model

The cross-reference makes it easy for the assessor(s) to identify overlapping areas in the assessment models and make sure that questions are asked to cover both.

Assign scope and perform the assessment

Create findings, assign across both assessment models as needed, and rate the model indicators.